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Refund policy

Although I strive to create perfect, fantastic software, sometimes it just won't work with your server.

However, in 99.999% of cases, we are able to resolve any server or software limitations - usually with a few minor tweaks to the way your system is setup.

Refunds are only offered where the following criteria are met:

- You requested the refund within 30 days of purchase
- The software has been demonstrated to not work with your setup
- You have given an opportunity to verify and resolve the problem
- Where necessary, you have updated your server configuration to enable the software to work (for example, switching from the very outdated PHP 5.3 to 5.6 or later)

However, since software cannot be physically returned once purchased, refunds are not offered in other cases, for example where you have changed your mind, decided 3 months later to move to Wordpress, 'only used the software once' etc. I regret that I need to add this clause... as I have had quite a few users literally ask for refunds for the vaguest of reasons.

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Alan Rufli

September 15, 2023 - 17:55

Did not realise that the extension did not work with Joomla please refund the cost asap.

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